The presentation leader is Richard Peltier, a French national with extensive experience of teaching French in this country.
Over the last 20 years, he has been involved in delivering well received conferences to A2, AS and GCSE pupis of French, as well as to teachers of French, on behalf of  Philip Allan Updates, Teachers First and, of course, Français Facile companies, in all major cities of the U.K.
Before that, he was a tutor and staff tutor for 18 years in a college for adult education. He has extensive experience in teaching, developing and organizing courses for the general public and in-service training courses for language teachers, as well as writing materials for specific learners.
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"Francais Facile provided our KS3 pupils with an extended period of real engagement with the target language."

Janine Middleton, Westborough High School, West Yorkshire

The whole experience really was fun, the whole event being expertly managed to teach content, skills and cultural awareness, all with a great deal of good humour.

Janine Middleton, Westborough High School, West Yorkshire

I would highly recommend spending the departmental budget on this superb language learning experience.

Janine Middleton, Westborough High School, West Yorkshire

Formidable, ta conférence!

Garry Hudson, Bishop's Stortford College

Both pupils and teachers were positively glowing in their feedback on your session. I will be more than happy to have you back at NLCS at some time in the future.

Mark English, North London Collegiate School

It was interesting to listen to a French speaker whom we all definitely found captivating and extremely informative. We also loved son sens de l’humour

Amy, Hen, Sarah, Sophie et Ashleigh, L6th French group Bishop's Stortford

We thought the afternoon was a great success and the girls got a lot out of it

Linda Retberg, Kesteven and Grantham Girls School

Really excellent. It is not often when 100% of my students are actually happy with an event! It was highly informative, with relevant current examples.

Kathleen Iskra, Balcarras School

Many thanks for a great event. It was very useful and the booklet that you gave has become their new bible (and mine)!!! It is full of relevant facts and ideas for debates.

Kathleen Iskra, Balcarras School