Feedback from some schools about their Français Facile event
Janine Middleton (Westborough High School, West Yorkshire) wrote:
"Francais Facile provided our KS3 pupils with an extended period of real engagement with the target language.
Feedback from pupils mentioned improved confidence with listening skills and the high level of participation throughout provided teachers with evidence for levelling each skill area.
It was frequently the previously invisible child, who responded well to the native speakers.
The whole experience really was fun, the whole event being expertly managed to teach content, skills and cultural awareness, all with a great deal of good humour.
The high quality resources left with us as part of the package are a valuable tool for the future.
I would highly recommend spending the departmental budget on a superb language learning experience with French people."
Garry Hudson (Bishop's Stortford College) wrote:
"Richard ça a été super, merci.
Tout le monde a bien apprécié....
Formidable, ta conférence!
Mark English (North London Collegiate School) wrote:
"Thank you very much for coming. Both pupils (not students!) and teachers were positively glowing in their feedback on your session. I will be more than happy to have you back at NLCS at some time in the future."
Linda Retberg (Kesteven and Grantham Girls School) wrote:
"Thanks very much for coming down to KGGS. We thought the afternoon was a great success and the girls got a lot out of it. "
Veronique Hall (The Godolphin and Latymer School) wrote:
" Merci de votre conférence, qui a beaucoup plu à nos filles, et qui les a motivées...."
Elizabeth Brooke (Cheltenham Ladies' College) wrote:
"We certainly did appreciate the courses you have held for us, though, so I hope you don’t mind that we are giving it a miss this year....
It is a shame that it can’t be organised, we are overwhelmed at the moment..... "
Amy, Hen, Sarah,, Sophie et Ashleigh - L6th French group (Bishop's Stortford Newsletter)
"Today the L6th French students were treated to a fascinating series of lectures presented by Richard Peltier. It was interesting to listen to a French speaker whom we all definitely found captivating and extremely informative. We also loved son ‘sens de l’humour’....
After the talks we discussed ........
Monsieur Peltier made the day very exciting and we are sure that next year’s AS French students would enjoy this wonderful opportunity. We also would like Monsieur Peltier to come back next year and deliver an A2 conference, especially for us - in fact, we are on our way to ask Mr Hudson, confident that he will agree!
Mille fois merci à Monsieur Peltier. Amitiés et à la prochaine!"