Already in its tenth successful year, "Français Facile for Year 9" is a half-day event delivered in your school for the benefit of pupils studying French in year 9 and for motivating them in order to encourage them to study French up to GCSE.
Let us explain some of the many advantages such an event has to offer :
  • Give your pupils a real belief in their ability to cope with French : this will help to motivate (or re-motivate) them in their study of the language.
  • Help your pupils to learn in real-life situations with French delivered by experienced native speakers.
  • Give your pupils the opportunity to meet “real” French people.
  • The concept of “Français Facile” is exactly what it says, making French easy, even for those pupils who attend lessons simply because they have to.
  • Your time is precious and you know how long it can take to prepare quality PowerPoint presentations. The materials we use offer a mix of culture, language, grammar and humour and will be given to you at the end of session.
  • “Français Facile” will give you new ideas and help bring new but re-usable resources to your classroom. It is an excellent and cost-efficient way of using your existing skills and developing new ones. All this delivered in your school and for a small fee per pupil.
  • Last but not least, “Français Facile” can help to encourage more pupils to study French at GCSE and thus begin to reverse the current alarming downwards trend. In order to assist you to maintain healthy numbers in foreign language classes, we concentrate on motivational activities interspersed with fun yet challenging activities.
These are a few reasons why the concept of “Français Facile” for year 9 could be just what you are looking for...
So, like many other schools who have offered this event to their whole Year 9, why not book a “Français Facile” event now?

“Français Facile” ....... An investment for your school !